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Secure solution for intra-personal task management

At your fingers

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Manage your tasks in a New Way

e-Parole is an inter-personal task-management software for assigning every-day tasks to other people in a secure and safe way. Assign or receive instructions to or from people you might not even know personally and complete the tasks without any concern for security.


Simple identification process

Get ahead with your tasks through simple identification and verification of all parties involved

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Worry Free

Secure and safe transactions between everyone involved


Easy to use

Fully automated process of assigning tasks, generating secure codes, and completing tasks through one app

Seamless digital experience

The solutions is combining digital channels like mobile app and a web portal with more traditional ones - SMS and e-mail

Suits Perfectly

The process is unified so you can manage any everyday and business tasks

Unlimited task variations

The system is adjusted to any type of task you need to perform

Benefits of eParole

How e-Parole works

An urgent task has arisen and you do not have the opportunity to complete it on your own, eParole will help you organizing it in a secure manner

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Step Two - Task Acceptance


Send the task to be accepted by the executor

Step Four - Task execution


Your proxy will visit the Executor and execute the task. The proxy is identified through a one-time password verified by the executor

Step One - Initiation


Start the app and fill in the description and deadline for completing the task

Step Three - Find Proxy

Send the task to a proxy that will represent you in front of the executor

Step Five - Task Confirmation


The proxy delivers the task subject or result to the Initiator

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Additional Features

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Task time set-up

QR Scanner

Notifications and alarms

Batch task import for business users

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Download and start using e-Parole

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Let's get in touch

Contact us to discuss our common opportunities.


+ 359 889 209 055

+359 889 394 971


Sofia, Bulgaria, str. "Sredna Gora " 48, fl.2, ap.3

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