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Solution for your identification

Seal is a two-factor or multifactor identification solution (2FA / MFA), that can be used for authentications initiated through different channels. Add your internet and mobile banking, payment institutions, online service providers, corporate networks and more.

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Seal for business clients

Seal is a solution that enables various business users to organize the identification of their customers and the signing of documents entirely online.


For this purpose, two-factor or multifactor identification technology (2FA / MFA) is used, which can be performed through different channels. According to eIDAS our solution implemented according to the technological and regulatory requirements for Advanced Electronic Signature.


Customer Identification

in all processes requiring customer or user identification in an online environment


Access to corporate networks

provide an additional factor for remote access to such important resources in your organization




customer identification, access to online services such as internet, mobile and open banking, card transactions in the online environment - Seal covers the requirements of the Revised Payment Directive for the application of In-Depth Identification


E-commerce, online betting, online games, etc.

add a second identification factor in your online store and thus eliminate the possibility of fraud by third parties who have gained unauthorized access to your customers' users

Benefits of Seal

Multifactor identification

OTP Authentication Server back-end solution package and mobile application front-end or SMS.

PSD2 compliance

The solution covers all transactions according to PSD2 - internet banking or online card payments.

Biometric recognition

for an improved customer experience, identification can be used - facial recognition or fingerprint.

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Designed to serve your business Seal is built to meet the needs of diverse business ventures, being suitable for identifying customers and consumers not only:


A bouquet of Front-End opportunities


Back-End OTP Authentication Server

When Seal is most useful?

Strong Customer Authentication according to PSD2


Meets all regulatory requirements of the technical standard of the Directive on the application of two-factor identification for all transactions initiated in the online environment - Internet and mobile banking, card payments at Internet merchants, transactions through TPP and other digital channels.

Access to corporate networks and online resources of employees


Easy integration with an active directory and providing remote access to employee networks and systems.


Access to online resource

Seal realizes two-factor authentication by applying a one-time password to complement the first factor - username and password, ensuring an extremely high level of security.

Signing documents online


Seal allows you to make a fully digital document flow with your customers without having to visit an office or physical location.

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Seal for individuals

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Multifunctional Wallet

A mobile application that brings together all your partners whom you should identify with.


Add your internet and mobile banking, payment institutions, online service providers, corporate networks and more

Multifunctional wallet


Combined Identification

for various online services and user profiles with open 2FA infrastructure such as Google, Paypal, Amazon and others.


Tax free

for the end users of the wallet and online services.


Easy to use

Generate one-time access passwords (OTP) or receive PUSH authentication messages.


Identify Yourself

easily in front of Seal partners.


Single Sign On

One registration, one application and access rights.


Fast registration

just two steps to start using Seal.

Seal additional features

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Digital identity


Communication channel


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